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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  December 4, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> this week on the journal editorial report. >> it is time for us to get our act together. >> we are really at war. we are on three front, iraq, afghanistan and the financial tsunami. >> the financial tsunami takes center stage as congress debates tax cuts for most americans and the debt controversial plan to flash 14 trillion in debt. it's garnering some surprising supporters. could there be a new culture of spending in congress find out
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why we believe there might be and who should lead that charge. plus a proposal to give citizenship to the children of illegal aliens. is it amnesty or all truism? >> welcome to "the journal editorial report." the house votes to extend the bush tax cuts to americans earning less than $250,000 a year. a bill that is all but certain to be dead on arrival when it goes to the senate. >> trying to catch my breath so i don't refer to this maneuver going on today as chicken crap. all right? >> this is nonsense. all right? >> presumptive house speaker john boehner not the only one with ruffled feathers. they are forcing democrats to only deal with matters of money before taking up anything else
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and how will president obama respond? that's the trillion dollar question. mr. obama appointing treasury secretary tim geithner and budget director jack lieu to worni work with representatives of bother parties to break the stalemate. we will start with the politics of the tax cut debate. is the middle class being caught in the cross fire? columnist for wall street journal dna henning ger, matt come miss ski and kim straws. dan, is that the sound of gridlock breaking we heard on taxes? >> sounds like maybe it's thin ice breaking under the politicians to me, paul. you are talking about gridlock breaking if you are suggesting they are getting close to a deal the overwhelming logic of this situation, which is to say all of the tax breaks expiring and rates going up. >> almost 2 trillion in ten years. >> the estate tax going to 10
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million 50 percent that's the logic of it political logic has been ex text and it's politicized. >> you are still skeptical. they are putting them in a bad light favoring the rich at the expense of the middle class and taking this down to the wire until they can force republicans to look like they are a party of the rich. >> dan makes a good point. that strikes me as msnbc theater they are trying to play to their base saying we are trying so hard trying so hard not to give the tax cuts for the millionaires and billionaires and gazallion airs. in the end they are going to cave in because the president knows he has to do this. how do you see it?
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>> it is posturing. what we actually saw this week was the white house which has given no quarter on this issue until this last week they have apapted this small team to negotiate with republican lawmakers. they outlined where the president won't go but none of that will deep a deal from happening that would extend the tax rates from temporarily happening. you have the white house laying down what it would like to get in return for extending those tax cuts. >> that's a key point. what do you think the white house is saying we want to extend employment benefits with the jobless rates going to 9.8 percent in november their leverage if that's what you want to call it, gives them more clout. >> oo absolutely. they have no leverage here. they will push it to january.
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the real speaker john boehner. they realize that. this is a people meant where will this white house grow up and abandon nancy pelosi and make a move to step forward. >> they realize the economy isn't doing that well. they didn't try to push a very fragile recovery that killed them in elections. in return the unemployment extension i think they might want to push the dream act immigration -- >> we will talk about late ner the show. let's take the unemployment benefits. the price isn't cheap. 55 billion to extend that. i think with a lot of economic research you say you extend the benefits even further now you are going to give incentive to keep the unemployment rate higher over time. is that a price republicans should pay to get the tax cuts extended? >> i might almost be inclined to take that deal to get the rates extended.
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the problem with the democrat's argument there's a real paradox. the white house is talking about extending the making work credit that's 60 billion. obama wants to extends the tuition tax credits and child tax credits. it's about helping the middle class. none of that stuff is going to raise t raise the economy. there's no real growth. the game is to say it is to grace the middle class. we are the party of the middle class. this proves we are the party of the rich. would you take that deal if it is paid for with other spending cuts i think they would be able to do insurance extension benefit. but all of the other stuff they are demanding stimulus extension
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that's hard for people and they risk blowing this up again. >> when we come back changing the way the federal government spends money. changing the way americans live. the by partisan debt levels dealing with the deficits. >> i think we are at a day of reckoning. it doesn't matter what your political party is or what your philosophical bent is, this is a starting point. that's all it is a starting point. more will have to be done. there will not be one american that is not called on to sacrifice. [ male announcer ] opportunity is a powerful force. set it in motion... and it goes out into the world like fuel for the economy. one opportunity leading to another... and another. we all have a hand in it. because opportunity can start anywhere,
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and go everywhere. let's keep it moving. ♪
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>> congressional republicans will soon be choosing committee chairmen as they get set to take over control of the house. the appropriations committee is arguably one of the most important committees in congress because they control federal spending your tax dollars. one man who wants the job is georgia republican jack hinkston. he wants to control government spending. will he get the job? the old line is there are three branchs of congress the house and the senate and the appropriations committee the by partisan spending crowd who protect each other's interests. are republicans going to blow up that culture of spendingspendin.
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>> you have jack kingston making a bid to run this committee. right now it looks as though it will go to the guy hal rogers an old appropriate tore. >> from kentucky. >> not a reform spending guy. it appears john boehner doesn't want to upset the spending apple card. the seniority apple card. >> you have to go down jack kingston has seniority and they don't like to do that because it has been in that body forever. if you are not going to do it this year, kim, with the message voters sent and something like 80 new members of congress, when are you going to do it? >> that's an excellent point. hal rogers appears to be in a position to get this committee. you see this parallel track going on john boehner and republican running the transition committee they seem to be coming out with the other
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set of new gop spending rules which they hope will blow up the spending culture and oppose them on the appropriations committee as well. so those things are moving in parallel. what does he mean when he comes to me and says destroy the infrastructure of spending? what would that mean specifically? >> it would mean first of all earmarking in away that's done spending more of what you have rather than what you just are writing the plane checks congress has done. republicans know how to do this very well. they are the biggest earmarkers here. >> they exploded those numbers. they are also talking about doing away with emergency spending bills which become catchall bills where you dump everything in. they are talking about restoring rules for automatic across the board cuts like they had in the 1980s if you have -- if congress exceeds certain spending levels that they set at the beginning of congress. sounds to me like a good idea. >> it's a great idea if you can
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follow through on it. paul, washington spending is like a volcano. you wake up you suppressed it it stops and you go oh my god the lab is coming back. the problem with reducing spending is it can always come back up. >> that's why you have to have processes in place so it's harder to do it. >> one of the things i proposed they want to put into place mechanisms that will kill agencies or consolidate them. that's where the source of spending is this entire federal albatross. if they start eliminating agency which we talked about going back to the grace commission, they are making the government smaller reducing the spending. >> what about putting people like jeff lake from arizona who campaigned against earmarkers
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hated by the appropriate tors putting him on the committee so he can be a watch dog. >> sounds like not just he will be put on the committee. >> you think he is? >> i think it will be him and three or four other kinds of young rebels who have militant views about cutting back spending who will be put on sort of as a ball list to some of the old bulls as bring enthusiasm for some of these as i said alternate ideas like you have been talking about chachging the culture there. >> we have another issue on spending the deficit commission coming out will not have the votes that they said to be a real consensus. they are throwing ideas out there is this going to go anywhere on capitol hill? the fear. it starts with conversation about how to get this huge deficit, get your hands around
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it. i think clearing up the sort of tax code is a great idea. we have the highest corporate tax rates in the world in the developed world bringing them down. it is partly motivated what's going on in europe. spain, portugal and ireland. the debates over there are much more radical than we are here. they want to say the u.s. postal service only delivers five days a week. why not privatize the thing. that's what germany and japan did. >> good luck with that 607 federal employees all within the union if i am not mistaken. >> the one as respect i am attracted to, it's not just about the deficit and reducing spending. it is that. but boles talks a lot about making the united states competitive with the rest of the world. >> that's where the tax reform comes in. >> that's where tax reform is getting the rates down is all
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about. these members of congress will disappear into the green eye shade tax cut and spending deficit reduction. >> i wish it was a tax cut. >> yeah, but it's about making america competitive against china and india and the competition. >> that's where republicans could pick up in the senate. i don't see him getting around cutting marginal tax rates. when we come back children brought into that country illegally by their parents haven't had much choice in their situation. a bill coming before congress may change that. gecko: good news sir, i just got an email from the office and word is people really love our claims service. gecko: 'specially the auto repair xpress. repairs are fast and they're guaranteed for as long as you own your car. boss: hey, that's great! is this your phone? gecko: yeah, 'course. boss: but...where do you put...i mean how do you...carry... waitress: here you go. boss: thanks! gecko: no, no i got it, sir.
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ing i 0 >> the dream act would create a pathway to for illegal immigran
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children who attend college or serve in the united states military. critics charge it will give illegal immigrants even more reasons to enter the u.s. while proponents say it will protect children from their parent's mistakes. republican sz are opposed. we are joined by jason reilly and dorothy remember ben wits. let's stipulate harry reid took this bill in a rush before the election to try to help his reelection campaign. let's put that aside and deal with the merits. why do you support the bill? >> all illegal immigrants aren't the thing. ads as you said some people willfully entered the country illegally in search of a job. i can't see more individuals more blameless than those
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targeted for this bill. these are the children of people who came here illegally. they had no say in the matter and this bill would give them away to legalize the status earned illegal status through military service activities we as a society should encourage and i think it's the humane thing to do. >> alternative would be deportation if they are found? >> it could be one alternative sending them back to their home countries, but many of them since they came as children probably have no memory of that country maybe don't speak the language in some cases. in some cases you would be sending them from the only country they know to a foreign country. >> okay dorothy. let's take jason's point. isn't this rewarding good behavior? don't we want to do that? >> i think you have to look at it this way. there are many victims in this whole issue. one of the questions to raise is we call this dream act it really
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is a dream. it's a dream meaning it has very little chance of reality. who is going to enforce. remember the dream act means you get the opportunity to earn citizenship by serving the army going to college who is going to enforce the views. >> what do you mean who is going to enforce it? >> people don't write an oath that the government is going to enforce. >> if you serve two-years in the military say that's documentable, is it not? >> no, it's going to college and going before that you have to promise to do that in order to get this privilege. we are talking about simple justice. we are awarding one group of i am grants -- immigrants who h river to cross and are here legally. i am not worried about signal we are sending about the increase and the encouragement to illegal
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immigration. i am worried about simple justice of this quest which is it is the step to amnesty. it's a large step. it's an encouragement. >> what about dorothy jason's appointments these are children who came here with their parents. they didn't break the law themselves they were brought by their parents. >> i don't think it's a punishment. >> who is deporting these people? >> the implication is they could be deported if they are found here illegally. if they are discovered why should they be deported? >> i think there's a larger point. the law has to be enforced. there will be opportunities for fraud. people came as children and so forth. that's a logistical issue we have to make sure the law is enforced and not abused.
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the real problem is that the parent had to come here illegally because there aren't enough legal ways for them to enter the country. i think ultimately the solution to our illegal immigration problems is expanding legal channels for entry things like the dream act aren't necessary. but i think politically this is an issue that republicans should take advantage of. going into the 2012 election if the republicans are going to make obama a one-term president and want to there is a fast growing population. >> you are saying this is good politically. >> on the merit story. >> that is exactly what's wrong with it. this should not be a political issue one way or another. let's go back to the essentials all acrosses the universe people are desperate to come to the united states of america, they are desperate for access to become citizens. we have selected a group of people on this extraordinarily
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humane but sentimental dilution they are here looets not, let's not. >> you are worried about chain immigration. >> once you are here once you are a sglint under the current laws you have a right to bring in parents and other relatives. you are worried instead of just these people they are trying to target they are going to bring in millions more. >> that is unification. there's nothing to change that. >> what is your concern over population in the u.s. are you worried they are going to take jobs away from americans? i think neither one of those are legitimate concerns. i don't think there are a fixed number of jobs in the u.s. and the folks are stealing jobs and i don't think there's an over population issue as well. >> this will have to be continued. one more break. when we come back our hits and
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a >> time now for hits and misses of the >> kim first to you. >> this is the hit for the house which it censored new york democrat charlie wrangle for 11 ethics violations most to do with personal finances but also abuse of the power of his office. he's the 23rd house member ever
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sense sword. it's a huge humiliation you have to expan stand before your coll while they are read. you can make the case. if you consider what happens to most americans getting caught doing the same thing this was the least congress was obliged to do. >> dorothy? >> this is a miss to some of time magazine readers who this week weighed in with their choice and made a decision yet of time man of the year. guess who 90,000 of them picked? julianne hassan you may have heard the name wikileaker. what we have learned is much more about time magazine chunk of readers than we ever did from his revelations and what we learned much to my surprise is there are still 90,000 readers left. >> wow okay, matt. here's a miss to the paternity of former secretaries of state and dispense and other grand des otherwise known as foreign policy establishment in this


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